Saturday, January 20, 2018

1.3 Working Hard

Zoe is having a very uncomfortable pregnancy, and she'd like to have a few words with the sim that came up with the "morning sickness" idea because her nausea lasts all day long. Nonetheless, she continues working in mixology; she wants to be perfect in this and for that she needs to work a lot on the skill.

The following months were dedicated to working constantly to collect the money needed to decorate the baby's room. Mixology is a really badly paid job, she barely makes simoleons to buy food and the weekly nectar, in addition to paying the bills.

Beyond all her concerns, she was hesitant to tell Devin about her pregnancy, his career seemed to be on the rise and the movie that he filmed in China had been well received by the critic. His role had given him some prizes and he was already in the preproduction of a new movie, this time in France. They continued to communicate during these months. In one of their conversations, he assured her that the romance between his co-star and him was only an invention of the media and that the producers of the film had advised that they continue with the farce to promote it. She was not so sure if she believed him or not.

In the midst of all this mess, the baby announced her arrival.

Bellandra, is friendly and artistic and the light of her mother life.

Going back to work and leave Bellandra in charge of a teenager was something that bothered her greatly, but she didn´t have many alternatives. 

Barry visited her a few times at work and discreetly tried to inquire about her daughter's paternity, but Zoe was absolutely silent on the matter. She knew he and Devin were still in communication, though not as frequently anymore.

In the end the concern for the care of her daughter had no foundation, the babysitter was a good one and attended Bellandra's needs without problem.

Zoe created a new drink, with this are five in total, but she learned from a good source that to work in the most exclusive places and earn better money she needs to have at least 25 original drinks. That added to the advice of the vampire mixologist to practice until making 500 mixes, becoming the perfect mixologist seems like a herculean task.

At least customers had stopped ordering food and began to taste her drinks. Zoe was beginning to be recognized among the nightlife.

"Hey, I heard about you at the Bridges Times hallways, you're mentioned as the 'sim to keep an eye on' in the next release."

"Really! That's great. I'm working very hard to improve myself. Maybe you want to try my new mix? It's really good, if I said so myself."

The months passed without many changes until Bellandra's first birthday arrived. It was a surprise for Zoe to see how her daughter looked so much like her father. She was almost a copy of Devin.

To celebrate the birthday, Zoe decided to take the rest of the day off and dedicate herself entirely to her daughter.

The day at the autumn festival was the plan.

Bellandra had a lot of fun, her laughter echoed throughout the park, so much that she didn't want to get off the bee in all afternoon. And even made a small tantrum when her mother tried to lift her.

While playing with the toddler, Zoe discovered something. She loves being a mother and definitely wants more children.


Poor Zoe had the sickness moodlet constantly until the game announced the pregnancy, as soon as she finished throwing up the moodlet appeared again.
Not much in this chapter, if wasn't clear, this generation goal is Perfeccionist, wich it's a nightmare added to single parent and mixologist. More time devoted to the skill, less time for moonlighting, which means less money, less money means more time cleaning and repairing because there's not enough to hire services. All this means even less time to practice and to work on bars. It is a continuous circle and they're bankrupt. I'M LOVING IT! It's so good to be in the fourth week without being filthy rich. xD


  1. Bellandra is really cute, I'm excited to see what she looks like as she ages! I know it's not allowed in the rules, but that rich actor dad should be on the hook for child support lol.

    1. Child support... Zoe definitely needs it. She has 80 simoleons right now and needs 130 to pay bills. o.O

  2. Welp maybe you can institute the child having an after school job before it... ahs to go to school. lol

    I love that your loving the poverty. This challenge is pretty insane sometimes,. and I haven't rolled mixologist yet, but everyone complaining about it makes me really want to!

    1. For now the only thing that saves me are the opportunities, which give me more money than three days of work together. The first times Zoe earned between 50 and 150 per night, now that she is able to enter the best clubs the winnings are close to 300. And that's a improvement. :p
      In the game, Bellandra is a child and is using the telescope, she makes more money that her mother.
      I hope you can try it, mixology is really fun, at leat to me.

  3. Eek I am not envying Zoe's mixologist roll. She seems to be handling it well, though!

    Bellandra is so cute. <3 I love the outfit she's wearing in the park.

    1. Mixology is going pretty well, but it's difficult added to perfecionist and single parent. Learning the drinks in the bars is taking me a long time (and the simoleons that Zoe barely earns).
      And I love that outfit too, there is always a toddler who uses it in my games. It's to cute to let it pass.

  4. I totally get the feeling about loving those money problems XD It's such a fun challenge and it's something you end up missing in the later generations.

    Trying to perfect the mixology skill sounds tough! AND she has to work on her celebrity status to even get to work O.O

    Bellandra looks adorable in her bunny outfit XD

    1. It's really hard, especially raising alone several children. Mixology didn't give much money and having to practice making drinks leave less time to moonlight.

      The celebrity status isn't really important if I didn't have to perfect the skill, it's necessary to visit all the bars to learn all the recipes. The plus to celebrity is that the best bars give more tip and pay better and the opportunities give me money to survive.