Saturday, January 13, 2018

1.1 The First Days

Zoe Russell arrived at Bridgeport with big dreams and little money, enough to bought a small house on the outskirts of the city.

The place was almost bare but it had the essential, a professional bar to to practice the creation of drinks. She's going to be the best mixologist that Bridgeport has ever seen!

If she does not break all the glasses first.

During the daylight hours, Zoe used the library to study about the proper preparation of drinks and the more traditional flavors.

While at night she visited the clubs to interact with the locals and learn their specific tastes and try the trendy beverages.

And to enjoy the views too.

"Your dance was very interesting." She approached him with a friendly smile.

"Thank you, it's the new move that Lola said will be in fashion in a short time."

Zoe's smile faded as Kai, as he had introduced himself, kept talking about his romance with the great Lola Belle, the doors that this was opening to him and everything he would do when, in the future, he will have the same amount of money as his lover.

All said with a creepy smile.

Slowly, and without him noticing, she walked a few steps back and began dancing with other sims. Better to stay away from that one.

A few days later, while looking through the newspaper, Zoe saw her first opportunity to work in a bar. Waylon's Haunt was in need of a mixologist for a couple of nights a week. She jumped at the chance.

On her first night, she had many clients, unfortunately they were looking for food instead of drinks, but that didn't discourage her. She served them with a smile and a friendly chat, after all she's a charismatic girl. The maneger was impressed with her, more for her people skill than her mixology, and at the end of her shift he invited her to try the house's new drink. It was tasty and exotic, this one was definitely going to be added to her repertoire.

The following days passed in a blur, sleeping during the day and working at night. When she collected some money, not much since mixologist are the worst paid workers in the city, she went to the consignment store.

"Hi, I heard my boss says that the store had imported some nectar from France, I'm interested in seeing what you have for sale."

The cashier looked at her a bit skeptically but presented ther with the bottles. "This is the new batch but I have more in the basement if your are interested."

Zoe eyed the nectar with astonishment, the store has some life fruit with pomegranate bottles. She looked at them with a mixture of yearning and resignation, how long would she have to work to buy those nectars? Too many years. So with one last look, she turned to  the bottles in her price range.

With her two new products under her arm, she returned happily to her house.

Maybe, I can build a basement to age it. We'll see. She tought while stocking the rack.

Her decision to come to Bridgeport was the right one.


  1. Nice start! I like your screenshots. :D

  2. Ooof, mixologist first generation! That's rough. At least Bridgeport has plenty of clubs...

    Too bad Kai is off the cards XD I don't play in bridgeport often but I like to plop down some of their sims in my other towns since they have interesting faces. Matthew Hammond and Romeo Rake aren't too bad if Zoe needs some company later on ;)

    1. Mixologist it's very, very rough. She barely makes ends to pay the bills!
      The sims are one of the reasons I chose Brideport, they're very distintives and youngs. And Kai is off the cards because I'm letting Zoe choose, there was no attraction between them.

  3. Great start! Glad you decided to blog :)

    1. Thank you! I had fun blogging this chapter and trying to interpret what the sims were doing in the screenshots.

  4. I don't know how I feel about a man in a scarf. >_>
    Actually I'd probably use them in my game but, to date...? That was pretty fast that he spilled his 'evil' or unsavory plans to her, he must have been a little bit juiced, huh?

    Also I like her look! The colors in the top really compliment her makeup, I think you made some pretty choices. And how long did it take you in game to get her to be able to moonlight? It takes me forever, I usually force them to read the skill book up to level three because I get tired of hearing all the breaking glasses. It's cool how she bought nectar just to age it.

    1. Men in scarves abound in Bridgeport, there is no way to escape from them. XD
      As for Kai, I'm going with the wind regarding this story and his dialog bubbles were all about Lola, his life time wish (gold digger) and stordom. Meanwhile, Zoe yawned with boredom. It was easy enough to guess that he was talking about. It was entertaining to see the conversation so I leave her to her free will. She wasn't impressed.
      And about mixology, I did the same as you and sent her to de library lo learn the three first points. Then I made her practise mood drinks up to level four and sent her to Wylon's Haunt, I never moonlight before that level. I think it was the 3rd day of the challenge.

  5. Great start! Thanks for sharing this story on Boolprop.

  6. Ok, finally getting around to reading some of these other blogs. This seems like a nice start. I haven't done a ton in TS3, but I'm starting to get into it some, so this is fun for me to see how others play.