Gen Summaries

Gen 1: Zoe

Zoe always wanted to be a mixologist, so she moved to Bridgeport knowing it was the right place to pursuit it, her charisma helped to get her first job in a bar. Slowly she become known on the night scene, being invited to parties and gatherings. In one of them she met Devin Ashton and both fell in love with each other, although at the moment their relationship was purely platonic.

At the same time Devin was starting his acting career, being hired for a new movie to be filmed in China. This kept the two from seeing each other for long periods of time, but on one of the breaks in filming, Devin returned to Bridgeport to spend time with Zoe. They spent a night together where their relationship ceased to be platonic. The next day Devin had to go back to China.

A few days later, Zoe found out that she was pregnant. Throughout her pregnancy, Zoe hesitated several times whether or not to tell Devin that she was expecting a child. His career was rapidly ascending and she felt that if it wasn't right to stop that ascent.

At the same time, rumors of a romance between Devin and his co-star began to circulate in the press, and despite him telling her in their phone conversations that it was just a publicity stunt, she didn't know what to think.

Her first child, Bellandra, was born and Zoe continued without letting Devin know. Despite this, Zoe and Devin did not lose contact and when Devin returned from another promotional trip, they met at his apartment.

She went to the dinner with the intention of telling him about Bellandra's existence, but the passion and the time without seeing each other made her completely lose her mind; not only did she not tell him about her daughter but she lied to him about taking contraceptives, resulting in a second pregnancy.

A few days after confirming that she was expecting her second child, the media exploded with the news of Devin's engagement to his co-star. What had started out as a lie had become true. And with that Zoe decided that Devin would never know about her children. From that moment they lost contact.

The second pregnancy resulted in twins, Franco and Ramira. At the same time Bellandra became a child.

Life continued for the family, Zoe was more recognized in the night scene, being able to work in more exclusive bars. The children grew up, Ramira and Franco were now children and Bellandra had become a teenager. Zoe, seeing that her children were growing up and feeling the need to continue giving love, adopted a toddler named Bruno.

Bellandra took on the responsibility of caring for her siblings while her mother continued to spend more time moon-lighting. Little by little, she took charge of the family while Zoe did not realize that her daughter was taking on more and more responsibilities.

The adoption of Bruno raised questions in the twins, who began to question where they had come from, Ramira even came to believe that they were adopted too. The doubt was cleared when Franco asked his mother directly. She confirmed to him that all three of them had been conceived by her.

Zoe understood that she couldn't hide the truth from them and went so far as to tell them that they shared the same father, but before she could continue speaking, Bellandra interrupted and told her that she didn't want to know anything about a man who had never been present in their lives.

A few days later, Zoe made another attempt to talk about it and this time she was able to tell them everything. She told them who their father was and that he did not know of their existences. She told them that if he knew of them, he would accept and love them.

Franco and Ramira wanted to meet him but Bellandra was against it. She began to spend more time away from home with her friend Mario Sittup and after a while they became boyfriend and girlfriend. He was her support in the whole thing.

Franco talked to his older sister about he and Ramira wanting to meet their father and asked if she could help them talk to their mother about it. She, feeling responsible for them, agreed to do despite her feelings.

Zoe agreed and nervously invited Devin over to her house to tell him the truth. After many years they were face to face. After a complicated conversation, Devin learned that he was the father of three children.

Devin had to accept that only two of his three children wanted to meet him. Zoe told him to give Bellandra time.

The twins visited Devin and then told Bellandra how everything had been with him, she began to be intrigued by the man, but she still did not feel ready to see him.

One night, the pressure of taking care of her siblings, plus her situation with Devin, made Bellandra try her mother's drinks until she was drunk. Her mother woke up late the next day after a night of work to find her eldest daughter drunk and Bruno crying.

She reprimanded her daughter. That caused them to argue and Bellandra to say everything she felt, making Zoe realize that she was giving her daughter too many responsibilities and that she was hurting. Zoe took the day off work and stayed with her daughter.

In the afternoon they both watched an interview where Devin confirmed that he had broken off his relationship with his fiancée and that he had started filming a TV show that would make him settle indefinitely in Bridgeport. When asked about the reason for that decision, the man said that his priorities were in Bridgeport. Bellandra understood that she was talking about them and that made her finally take the decision of meeting him.

They met on the twins' birthday and from that moment on, Devin began to be a part of all of their lives.

A few months later, Devin took the whole family on a tour of France and there he and Zoe formalized their relationship, with the man proposing.

Bellandra became a young adult a few days before the wedding. And after witnessing her parents' union, she and Mario moved to Appaloosa Plains.

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