Monday, July 30, 2018

1.7 Questions and Doubts

Zoe knows that she has a lot of love to continue giving and wants to have more children, but she is not so young to go through the whole process of a pregnancy again.

So one morning she decided to call the adoption agency and ask what were the requirements to start the process. It turned out that there were not that many and with her growing fame the adoption was quite simple.

Bruno, an absent minded genius little boy, joined the Russell household one sunny day. Zoe was immediately besotted with him.

The new addition to the family brought many questions, especially to the twins.

One afternoon, while her mother taught the skills to her new brother, Ramira decided to talk to the person she trusted the most. Her twin brother Franco, that knew her better than anyone, realized that she had something in mind so he kept quiet waiting for her to speak.

"Do you think we're adopted too?" She finally said after several minutes.

Franco rolled his eyes, sometimes his sister could become quite dense.

"Looked at yourself in a mirror lately? Don't be silly, you're like a copy of mom."

Ramira was offended by the comment and didn't want to talk about it anymore. Franco sighed and wondered why everyone thought he was the grumpy one.

Regardless of the seriousness of the subject, they were only children so they continued to act as such.

But the question was not forgotten.

"Mom, are we adopted too?" Franco asked Zoe, taking advantage of his sister's theory, he knew it wasn't true but it was a good way to start the conversation.

The question took her by surprise and felt a lump forming in her throat, this was the conversation that she feared so much.

"No, of course not. I carried the three of you." Sighed, then she took a deep breath to continue speaking. "I suppose you want to know about your father."

Ramira and Franco looked at her with anticipation while Bellandra played with her food.

"The first thing you need to know is that all three of you share the same father..."

"I don't." Her eldest child interrupted her in a whisper. "I don't need to know it and I don't want to."

Zoe watched as Bellandra got up from the table and took her books. "I think I'm going to walk to school, to take advantage of the sun."

When the door closed behind her daughter, the woman wondered if she had waited too long to speak. And if it was too late to do it. Then she looked at the twins' faces and knew tit's never to late for this kind of conversation.


After so many months without playing, I really do not know where I'm going with the story, but somewhere interesting, I hope.

Random thought: Bruno is absent minded and genius (????). The game could be so absurd sometimes.