Saturday, March 31, 2018

1.6 Family

Not much happened since the twins birth so in a blink of an eye they were toddlers.

This is Ramira, she seems to be her mother's clone.

Her brother Franco is more of a mix of his parents.

There's one question Bellandra needs the answer to, but every time she sit with her mother to talk her bravery goes away and ends up stuttering some inconsequential question.

Zoe has some idea of what her daughter wants to ask but her bravery leaves her too. She needs to really think how to approach the topic because soon her daughter's going to gain courage to speak. If not, one of the twins when they'll age up.

For now they're toddlers but soon she's going to have three children and the chances of one of them wanting to know about their father is high.

Regarding her work, Zoe's now trying to learn recipes from differents bartenders, it's a little difficult because sometimes it's requires to buy the drink several times to figure it out and the money's still scarce.

And the paparazzi with their cameras are a little annoying.

She's recognized now and long times friends, like Barry Tenderlove, are acting like she's something of another world.

"It's very disconcerting to see my friends acting like this." She said to her coworker.

"I'll said." He agreed. "You don't have to worry with me I'll continue treating you as my inferior."

Zoe rolled her eyes.

"Let's talk about something different like your twins."

"Loriel and Cecile are the best part of me." Todd's face lit up.

She smiled with him because she knew the feeling.


Zoe continued with her nectar collection.

The celebrity gifts she's receiving in the mail are decorating the nectar corner.

Dancing is Bellandra's main form of fun (the only one really).

She loves doing it all the time.

But she also helps her mother in house's chores and does it independently. She's a good if goofy daugther.

Who loves to tell ghost stories to her mother and her friends.

And like every older sister complain about the little ones.

In no time there's another birthday, this time a triple one.

First Ramira, her traits so far are Good, Couch Patato and Heavy Sleeper.

Then Franco. Virtuoso, Good, Grumpy.

And last but not lest, Bellandra. She's Artistic, Friendly, Frugal and Hopeless Romantic.

And despite all the doubts as to what she will do when the questions begin, Zoe can not help but feel proud of the family she put together.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

1.5 Worry and Joy

Maybe it was not the best decision she had made, Zoe mused while cleaning the glasses. It was a slow night with no client in sight, so she had time to think about her problems.

Even though no test had been done, she knew her body enough to guess that she was pregnant again. And that was something that filled her with worry and joy at the same time because she didn't have enough money to feed one more mouth but the mere idea of another baby made her smile like only Bellandra manages it.

Spending time with her daughter was one the thing she loved the most, teaching her skills or simple making her laught. So, despite the little money she made, another baby would only be a good thing.

Her suspicions were confirmed a few days later.

With a new pregnancy, the dilemma of telling Devin began once again.

Again the nights thinking if it was her right to hide it or not, again the silences on the phone when they talked about how the life of each one was going.

"The last time we saw each other I wanted to tell you something but I couldn't do it." Devin said at the end of one of his usual calls, Zoe understood the feeling perfectly. "And I'm embarrassed to admit that maybe I would not have done it if it wasn't because tomorrow will be on the news."

A few hours later, when the conversation was over, she stared at the empty space of her kitchen thinking that she should feel more angry than she was but the problem was that he wasn't the only who had deceived and hidden the true. But at least her doubts were gone and the certainty that Devin would never know about her children had taken hold of her.

The next morning, the news of the engagement of Devin Ashton and Calorine Custard were everywhere.

This second pregnancy was a little more uncomfortable than the first, her belly had grown more than the previous one but it didn't stop Zoe from holding Bellandra to blow the candles.

It was a shock to see her daugther was a mini Devin.

She's a friendly girl that dazzle sims with her smile.

Zoe had a couple of opportunities to teach her mixology skill that put some money in her account, it was at the end of one of them when the contractions came.

She gave birth to two babies, Ramira and Franco. Almost immediately she had to leave them in the care of a babysitter, the need for work and money was more urgent than ever.

With two babies crying at all hours in her room, Bellandra began to sleep in her mother's bed.

It was the only way to get some hours of rest.


I think I didn't mention it before but English it's not my first lenguage, so if there is any error don't hesitate to point it out, this story is part of my learning.

It's also one of the reasons why the chapters are not very long, it takes me twice as long to write this to what I'm used to.