Thursday, February 8, 2018

1.4 Wild Thought

With each new skill that Zoe taught her daughter, she realized that she wanted to have more children. She loved the giggles, the funny gestures and even the tantrums.

In fact, she left her job aside, going to the bars to work only a couple of times a week to spend more time with her daughter.

What she didn't leave out, was her weekly purchase of Nectar. As soon as she sees her enter, the clerk goes to find the most accessible bottles so that Zoe can choose between them.

Her life continued quietly during the following months, she took advantage of the time at home to practice mixology more frequently. It was turned out to be a time consumed skill, but it was worth it every time that she created a new drink.

During all that time she also continued to communicate with Devin. In the last conversation they had had, he told her that he would be in the city for a few days and wanted to see her. She accepted quickly, weighing that maybe this was the right time to tell him about Bellandra.

The meeting resulted in a dinner in his apartment.

"You are very beautiful tonight." He said with a smile.

The date was a little uncomfortable at first, they mostly ate in silence, Devin looking at her intensely while she avoided his gaze.

"Something wrong?" He finally broke the silence.

She sighed and pushed the plate away from her. "No, it's just... I didn't think this was going to be so awkward."

He scratched the back of his neck.

"I think it's my fault. I should not have assumed that after two years without seeing each other everything would be the same."

She wanted to tell him that it was not his fault, that this was caused by herself and the sense of guilt that she was feeling at that moment. All the reasons she had for not telling him about Bellandra seemed to lose meaning when confronted with his warm gaze.

And in spite of everything she felt, she remained silent.

"Why don't you tell me about the new movie you are filming? In Monte Vista, right?"

He smiled at her effort.

"Come, I have a good bottle of nectar that I want to share while I tell you everything about my first protagonist roll."

He took her hand and she let herself be dragged to the loveseat and between laughter and chats, a bottle became two and then three. So with her head spinning and her thoughts clouded, she found herself taking Devin to his own bedroom, eagerly undressing each other and falling into the bed.

And in the midst of all the heat and passion, the kisses and caresses that burned her skin, her mind swimming in alcohol, she had a wild thought. Maybe this was the moment to make a sibling for Bellandra. So when he made the motion of seeking protection, she interrupted him with a lie.

When Zoe woke up the next morning she felt a little disoriented at first, her head was killing her and her stomach was upset. And there was a warm breath in her neck. Devin.

Everything that happened the night before returned to her head making her sat abruptly on the bed. What was she thinking?! She just wanted to tell him about their daughter! And now there was the possibility of being pregnant again!

Silently, she got up from the bed, the best thing now would be to go home and think properly about the possibility of another child before speaking to Devin.

A few hours after leaving his apartment, she received a call from Devin saying that he was leaving for Monte Vista unexpectedly and that it was a shame that she went away that morning without saying goodbye. Both said goodbye with promises to continue talking and seeing each other when he was in town.

And in that way, Devin left the city again and Zoe was back in the same place with a secret, possibly two, once again.


  1. Whoaaa, Zoe, that was a wild thought indeed! She's digging herself a much deeper hole here... the longer she waits to tell Devin, the worse it'll be :/