Monday, January 15, 2018

1.2 In Search of Something

Inquiring a bit, Zoe discovered that the most exclusive bars pay a little better for moonlighting, which is a problem since to enter these places she needs to become a recognized star. And that's not her goal in life but she really needs the simoleons. So with that in mind, she started to introduce herself with local artists.

Aria Trill was very approachable, she was friendly and warm and liked Zoe instantly. So much that by paying attention to Zoe she forgot to go to the loo.
Zoe could not help but think about the things she would have to witness in the name of an improvement in her work.

She also toured hot night spots talking to the mixologists and trying different drinks, she want to learn everything that her work has to offer, serve many sims to become known and even create new flavors. The possibilities are endless!
"I was thinking that maybe the flame fruit would give a distinctive touch." She said one night at the vampire attending the bar in Bridgeport Sport Zone.
"It's a good suggestion but I think I'm not going to implement it, the flames and vampires aren't good combination." She replied with good humor. "But you should take advantage of those ideas, it's always good to have a list of your own. Another suggestion? Practice, a lot. I think I made about five hundred drinks before being this good.

And she really was. Zoe never drank as much as that night. Purely for research purposes, of course.

A few days later, she received an invitation to a party at Barry Tenderlove's apartament. She met him while moonlighting at Waylon's and they clicked fast.

Barry was waiting for her at the building entrance with a eager smile. She bit her lip, he was cute but not her tipe and she liked him in a purely friendly way.

His awkwardness was adorable, anyway.

As soon as she entered the party, all thoughts about Barry were forgotten. There was someone in the kitchen whom she had seen several times while working. so, with her most charming smile, she introduced herself. He was all smiles too.
"Hey! Matthew Hamming's cheap copy it's trying to woo your girl."
"He's my friend and his name is Devin Ashton and she's not my girl." Barry said with a resigned sigh.

Zoe spent the rest of the evening with Devin, they did nothing but talk but it was the best night she had in a long time.

At the end of the party, when only she was left in the apartment, she approached Barry with the intention of clearing the air. He was a nice sim and she didn't want to hurt him.

The next evening Aria Trill had a party too. And who was invited? The very man that Zoe could not get out of her mind.
"It's good to see you here."

It was a pool party without a pool but that didn't matter to Zoe, not when he had all that skin exposed. And she too.
So with all her flirty self she undertook the task of capturing his attention. It was not very difficult.

Zoe continued to make progress in her mixology and got a new job. The place was a lot fun, but she could not stop thinking about Devin.

He had disappeared in the last days and didn't answer her calls.

When she had lost hope of seeing him again, Zoe ran into him outside the club at closing time. He was panting a little as if he had run a few blocks.
"Luckily I found you, my car broke a few streets from here. I thought I was late."
"Almost, I going home. I'm dead tired."
"Okay, but before you leave I wanted to explain why I was not around."
"I'm all ears."
"I had a sudden contract with a movie company, I have a secondary role, but it is an important one. The movie is being filmed in Shang Simla." He stopped to breathe before continuing. "My phone was stolen at the airport before boarding, so when I arrived in China I didn't have your number and I didn't know how to look for it. I arrived in Bridgeport a few hours ago to sign some documents with the company."
"And couldn't you wait until tomorrow to tell me?"
"Not really, I'm going back to China, the flight departs tomorrow at 8 a.m. So I wanted to spend a few hours tonight with you while you worked, maybe trying some of your famous drinks, but the damn car had to leave me on foot."
She looked at him for a few seconds in silence.
"If you want I can prepare some of my drinks in my house." She decided with a flirty smile.
He completely agreed.

"You're a really good mixologist. This drink is delicious."
She giggled a little, it was one of her more popular beverages.

Between drinks and laughter the night became early morning.
"I really want to kiss you." He whispered as he took her in his arms.
"I was losing hope."
She put her arms around his neck as he kissed her.

"I would like to give you more than this one night and not leave in a couple of hours."
He looked at her so intensely that she wished it too."

"Then let's make the best of the time that we have. No promises, only tonight."

A few hours later, he got out of bed quietly and looked at her sleeping form wishing for more than what he could give her, but his career was important and he had fought hard to get where he was. With one last look he closed the bedroom door.

A few days later, Zoe discovered that something of him had remained.


AN: I tried to include what is the Generational Goal without saying it. ;)

And this is a bit of miscellaneous things.

While Zoe was sleeping, Devin drank all her mixes. There were more than 20 glasses, he left nothing. XD


  1. Whirlwind romance! Too bad he has to leave, they're both cute.

    And wow, I have never seen a sim drink so much. xD

    1. Prety much all sims romace XD But, yes it was a little rushed.

  2. Wait... is the generational goal one night stands with lushes? :p

    I like that she let Barry down easily, and that was so quick, but maybe we'll still seem him again at some point?

  3. It's totally the goal.:D

    Both Barry and Devin will be in future chapters. I'm going with the flow in this story and taking inspiration from the screenshots.